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Pellet press service

Sorb is a subsidiary of AS Hekotek - the supplier of pellet plants, having successfully supplied many pellet plants to different countries. In most of its projects Hekotek installs pellet presses and hammer mills by the Dutch manufacturer CPM Europe.

Our cooperation with CPM Europe began in 2009, and for today we are its biggest partner. Every year we carry out dozens of service and commissioning works, their geography covering such countries as Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Belarus, Sweden, Norway, France, Vietnam and others.

Pellet presses by CPM are reliable, robust and durable units. However, as any other equipment, they require regular maintenance to ensure good technical and economic performance of the enterprise.

The maintenance and service works that we provide for pellet presses range from small-scale to extended, the latter being in fact an overhaul of the press.

We service both grease-lubricated and OLR-system rollers. Hekotek's European customers enjoy the advantages of rollers maintenance at Hekotek's premises in Tallinn, while our Russian customers receive special thorough training, which ensures proper roller service maintenance at their own production site.

From grease lubrication to the OLR system

One of the costly parts of pellet press exploitation is its high-temperature lubrication system of rollers. A high-quality grease that can withstand high temperatures and loads is rather expensive. With regard to that, CPM Europe has developed a revolutionary oil lubrication system for pellet presses – OLR (Oil Lubricated Rollers). The OLR system, as compared to grease lubrication, enables to significantly increase bearing life, reduce lubricant procurement costs and internal heat generation, as well as ensures direct monitoring of a bearing condition.